Why Use a CALCTP Certified Installer Contractor?

A CALCTP certified installer contractor:

  • Is a state licensed C-10 electrical contractor.
  • Employs superintendents and supervisors who have successfully completed either the CALCTP Technical Installation Course, Systems Course or AT-Technician Certification program.
  • Has CALCTP-certified general electricians on staff who have successfully completed the CALCTP Technical Installer Course or the Acceptance Test Technician program.
  • Is proficient in advanced lighting controls.

Learn more about the detailed criteria for electrical contractors who wish to become CALCTP certified.


Title Phone City State Zipcode
Forward Electric (619) 274-5300 La Jolla CA
Red Top Electric, Energy Solutions (800) 773-8673 Livermore CA 94551
Delta Electric (559) 782-3604 Porterville CA
Oilfield Electric (805) 648-3131 Ventura CA 93001
Cartier Electric (805) 577-9817 Simi Valley CA