Why Use a CALCTP Certified Installer Contractor?

A CALCTP certified installer contractor:

  • Is a state licensed C-10 electrical contractor.
  • Employs superintendents and supervisors who have successfully completed either the CALCTP Technical Installation Course, Systems Course or AT-Technician Certification program.
  • Has CALCTP-certified general electricians on staff who have successfully completed the CALCTP Technical Installer Course or the Acceptance Test Technician program.
  • Is proficient in advanced lighting controls.

Learn more about the detailed criteria for electrical contractors who wish to become CALCTP certified.

List of CALCTP Certified Installer Contractors

List of CALCTP Certified Contractors

Contractor Phone City Statesort descending
E Light Electric Services Inc. (209) 551-1321 Modesto CA
Kristan Electric, Inc. (619) 938-9707 Lakeside CA
R.L. Douglass (714) 638-5805 Garden Grove CA
Sparky's Electrical Contracting (949) 289-6182 Laguna Hills CA
Baker Electric, Inc. (760) 745-2001 Escondido CA
Thoma Electric (805) 543-3850 San Luis Obispo CA
Advance Lighting and Electric (323) 338-1040 Bell CA
CalPro Lighting (760) 994-6959 San Diego CA
Torres Electric (510) 732-1765 Hayward CA
MB Herzog (714) 875-3694 Buena Park CA
Dynegy (805) 431-2697 San Luis Obispo CA
Howell Electric (408) 980-8800 Santa Clara CA
R.J. Summit (209) 571-3717 Modesto CA
WECO Electrical Engineering (925) 672-0969 Clayton CA
Lighting Technology Services, Inc. (949) 428-5040 Santa Ana CA
Enterprise Electric Datacom (951) 296-1530 Temecula CA
Adamson Electric (661) 399-7336 Bakersfield CA
CalEnergy Electrical Corporation (925) 922-2606 Pleasanton CA
TL Electric (650) 967-5254 Mountain View CA
Maximum Electric (209) 405-5776 Stockton CA