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Acceptance Test Employer and Technicians

Effective July 1, 2014, the California Energy Commission adopted changes to the California building Efficiency Standards (Title 24, Parts 1 and 6) that require lighting controls and devices to be certified as properly installed and operational, prior to issuance of occupancy permits. All Acceptance Technicians must be employed by an Acceptance Test employer that provides support as well as quality control.


Looking for an acceptance test employer in your area? You can find one through our county search feature. If you have trouble locating an available acceptance test employer, a bid can be requested by creating a guest log-in account and requesting acceptance testing services.  Bids can be requested either for employers who provide third party acceptance testing or for contractors who can provide both installation and acceptance test work.  If you have questions on how to request acceptance test services, contact CALCTP at: (877) 670-7910.

Need to verify an acceptance test technician? You can search by name, city, zip, or employer.

Contractor ID Number First Name Last Name City Zipsort descending Phone Number Status
L.U. Electric, Inc. Eduardo Urrego Irvine Inactive
Energy Logic, Inc Dennisport, MA 02639 Inactive
Independent TC-A814072 Carolyn Banks Dennisport 02668 Inactive
Independent TC-A814454 Erik Milles Gray, ME 04039 Inactive
Independent TC-A814369 Karma Edwards Pittsburgh 15206 Active
Independent TC-A814153 Carl Smith Coopersburg 18036 Inactive
Independent TC-A814154 Paul White, Jr. Coopersburg 18036 Inactive
Independent TC-A813614 Colin Mason Coopersburg 18036 Inactive
Lutron Services Co. Inc. TC-A217251 David McKee Coopersburg 18036 Active
Lutron Services Co. Inc. TC-A217252 Christian Luis Mercado Coopersburg 18036 (702) 302-7151 Active
Independent TC-A813618 Christopher Stout Coopersburg 18036 Inactive
Lutron Services Co. Inc. TC-A421344 Kenneth Furse Cooperburg 18036 (702) 302-7151 Active
Independent TC-A813534 Iam Harrington Coopersburg 18036 Inactive
Lutron Services Co., Inc. TC-A421347 Douglas Robertson Cooperburg 18036 (702) 302-7151 Active
Lutron Services Co., Inc. TC-A813203 Michael Desrosiers Coopersburg 18036 Inactive
Independent TC-A814145 John Amaya Coopersburg 18036 Inactive
Independent TC-A814146 Stephen Davis Coopersburg 18036 Inactive
Independent TC-A814148 Robert Lemus Coopersburg 18036 Inactive
Independent TC-A814149 Juan Medina Coopersburg 18036 Inactive
Independent TC-A814150 Carlos Pinho Elkton 21921 Inactive
Independent TC-A813535 Kyle Jensen Elkton 21921 Inactive
Independent TC-A814152 Evan Sabogal Elkton 21921 Inactive
Independent TC-A217043 Oliver Brown Elkton 21921 Inactive
Independent TC-A217045 Jose Devares Elkton 21921 Inactive
Independent TC-A217047 Eric M. Johnson Elkton 21921 Inactive
Superior Electric TC-A813918 Gary Dobrick Brush Prairie, WA 22031 Inactive
Lin R. Rogers Electrical Contractors, Inc. Alpharetta, GA 30005 Inactive
e2s (Energy Efficiency Services, LLC) Laconia 3247 Inactive
Independent TC-A813530 Wenceslao Garro Weston, FL 33028 Inactive
Stones River Electric TC-A217028 Eddy Nunez Madison, TN 37115 Inactive