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Acceptance Test Employer and Technicians

Effective July 1, 2014, the California Energy Commission adopted changes to the California building Efficiency Standards (Title 24, Parts 1 and 6) that require lighting controls and devices to be certified as properly installed and operational, prior to issuance of occupancy permits. All Acceptance Technicians must be employed by an Acceptance Test employer that provides support as well as quality control.


Looking for an acceptance test employer in your area? You can find one through our county search feature. If you have trouble locating an available acceptance test employer, a bid can be requested by creating a guest log-in account and requesting acceptance testing services.  Bids can be requested either for employers who provide third party acceptance testing or for contractors who can provide both installation and acceptance test work.  If you have questions on how to request acceptance test services, contact CALCTP at: (877) 670-7910.

Need to verify an acceptance test technician? You can search by name, city, zip, or employer.

Contractor ID Number First Name Last Name Citysort descending Zip Phone Number Status
Independent TC-A814069 Manuel Sandoval-Prado San Jose 95112 Inactive
Independent TC-A217092 Warren Shook Agoura Hills 91301 Inactive
Independent TC-A813794 Sean O'Donnell Agoura Hills 91301 Inactive
Independent TC-A813878 Stephen Houska Agua Dulce 91390 Inactive
Master Electric TC-A814137 Armin Malkic Alameda 94501 (510) 388-3030 Active
Independent TC-A813097 Jimmy Borreani Albany 94706 Inactive
Juno Electric Alhambra 91803 Inactive
Lin R. Rogers Electrical Contractors, Inc. Alpharetta, GA 30005 Inactive
Crest Electric TC-A813309 Jesse Purczynski Alpine 91903 (619) 445-0500 Active
Independent TC-A813845 Josh Maynard Alpine 91901 Inactive
Independent TC-A813142 Daniel Palen Alpine 91901 Inactive
Independent TC-A813697 Kyle Laine Alviso 95002 Inactive
Independent TC-A813437 William Finkel American Canyon 94503 Inactive
DECO Electric TC-A217201 Kevin Duszynski Anaheim 92807 (714) 742-5945 Active
Rosendin Electric, Inc. TC-A814324 Carlos Linares Anaheim 92805 (714) 521-8113 Active
Creative Control TC-A217323 Daniel Juarez Anaheim 92802 714-390-0386 Active
Briggs Electric, Inc. TC-A813360 Chris Laird Anaheim 92806 (714) 632-5353 Active
Rosendin Electric, Inc. TC-A814325 Vojin Markovic Anaheim 92805 Inactive
Executive Lighting Services TC-A813361 David Lock Anaheim 92806 Inactive
Independent TC-A813061 Alan Homutoff Anaheim 92805 Inactive
Independent TC-A814326 Floyd Osborne Anaheim 92805 Inactive
Independent TC-A813362 Trent Stouvenel Anaheim 92806 Inactive
Mammoth Electric, Inc. TC-A813873 Carlos Cervantes Anaheim 92801 (714) 446-8880 Active
Rosendin Electric, Inc. TC-A813773 Alexander Sanchez Anaheim 92805 (714) 521-8113 Active
Sunwest Electric, Inc. TC-A813874 Rusty Espinoza Anaheim 92806 (714) 630-8700 Active
Nazzareno Electric, Co., Inc. Anaheim 92805 (714) 712-4744 Active
Independent TC-A813766 Eric Johnson Anaheim 92805 Inactive
Rosendin Electric, Inc. TC-A813771 Macario Robles Anaheim 92805 Inactive
Independent TC-A813064 John Nonenmacher Anaheim 92801 Active
Independent TC-A813763 Roy Elias Anaheim 92805 Inactive